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How many male escorts are available by country?

There is no exact number of male escorts available by country but you can access the search made by the site where they give a close estimate of the number of male escorts who offer sex services in their home countries.

There are about 1 million straight and bisexual male escorts around the world according to the searches that were done in .

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A romantic candlelit or business dinners.
Accompaniment to a VIP party or any type of event.
Company for business travel and vacation.

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Music event
accompaniment to the opera or concert
Accompaniment to casino
Sex partner to the swingers club
Personal Trainer
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Find male escort for couples for out-call service to hotels, book a male escort for couples for threesome and sex entertainment.

It is increasingly common for couples to hire male escorts for threesome experience.

A threesome is a good way for couples to explore new sexual experiences and pleasures and to intensify sex in order to strengthen the marriage and get out of the daily routine.

What is certain is that a threesome experience between a couple and a male escort brings a new dimension to the relationship and has a great capacity to upgrade the marriage.

Only straight or bisexual male escorts can offer the perfect threesome experience for couples, they are liberal men able to fulfill all the sexual desires of demand couples.

Male escorts for couples are in town to satisfy the most secret erotic desires of couples who hire their services.

Male escorts for hire.

Male escort is available to be hired for all types of women, not just those who feel lonely and seek sex.
Many of the women who hire male escorts do it because they want to enjoy a good time of sex without commitment, with a physically spectacular man, and who knows how to make them feel wanted.
Women hire male escorts to try out new sexual experiences.

Other women hire male escorts to try out new situations or experiences, or simply to have someone who is really for them.
Any excuse is good to give yourself a gift and enjoy life next to a male escort who gives you moments of pleasure and who knows how to treat women.

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Discover the most desired Western escorts from around the world, with whom you can enjoy and live a sexual encounter that will change your life.

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Welcome, you have just entered our site, here you will find luxury male escorts available 24 hours 7 days a week. Male escorts offering company services are elegant, attractive, caring, polite, and discreet men.

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Male escorts can become great investors.

A male escort knows he won’t be able to do this job forever, as younger men full of virility, with prettier bodies, will join the escort industry. For this reason, some male escorts open businesses, others take university courses, and go to work in international companies.

Some women and couples think that male escorts offering sexual services are ignorant men, but most of these men have their own home, some are businessmen, some are married, and some of these escorts become wealthy men.

That’s why these men are qualified as high-class male escorts because they are intelligent and educated men, they speak many languages ​​and they are people who have traveled internationally, who have visited many countries around the world.

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Ladies and couples only need to access our  to find the male escort that most pleases their eyes to see what types of services they offer and then contact them to make a booking. If you get nervous during the date, don’t worry because your male escort will provide you with an incredible erotic massage, so the stress and nervousness will disappear giving space to moments of pleasure and fun.

Enjoy the best oral sex a straight male escort can offer to a lady, enjoy the most delicious vaginal sex, which will bring you to orgasm in the most complacent and satisfying way, as you like. Why don’t you businesswoman leave aside all the things that concern you at work and prepare to enjoy the services of a male escort who is an expert in the art of sex and with whom you will be able to moan with pleasure?

How is the life of a male escort?

The life of a professional male escort it’s not as easy as it could be believed.

Many of these company men start from a young age to work as male escorts for wealthy people who request their services for sex entertainment.

This type of male escort is a man who takes care of their physique with strong fitness training and mentally prepares himself to satisfy the sexual needs of couples, gays, and women who seek his services.

High-Class male escorts take great care of their health because they need to have a healthy disposition for sex and look good all the time. The male escorts that offer services for women are straight men, but some of them offer services for gay clients, they are known as gay escorts.

How Much Money Does a male escort make?

If you are a male escort who provides services to wealthy clients, unlike escort girls, it incurs much less than professional luxury male escorts no need to work for escort agencies, most of the High-Class male escorts work independently without having to pay commissions for agents.

A top-class male escort can easily make thousands of dollars per month because rich women, gays, and couples become loyal customers.

How to hire a male escort?

To do this, you just need to search and make an appointment with well-endowed lovers who want to give and receive sexual pleasure.

Male escorts can visit women, gay clients, and couples at their homes, hotel, or resort to giving you the pleasure your body demands.

In , females, gay customers, and couples you will find sexy lovers for all tastes, you just need to search at and select one of the cities to find the best male escorts in the world.

Then choose the male escort in the city where you want the service and immediately write down some characteristics of the type of lover you want to book in the city you are in. The list of male escorts listed in your city will appear below, and among them, you will find your ideal male escort.

Click on the male escort you are interested in, read the profile and, if you are interested in hiring him, see the details you will find on the right above the ad, copy the phone number you have on your screen, write or call to the male escort to book and arrange an appointment.

Services offered by male escorts.

Male escorts offer escort services for women, gay men and couples, erotic massage, boyfriend experience, travel companion, fantasies and fetishes, and whatever else you desire.

After a long day at work, you will relax because the best male escorts in the world will take care of you and make your body and mind relax to the extreme.

The most skilled male escorts will make you the center of their attention any time they are with you at your home, hotel, or resort, in a restaurant, nightclub, pub, or accompanying you on a holiday.

It is very important to check the different types of services offered by male escorts. You will find male escorts who will enjoy unforgettable sexual moments with you. Find the best male escort service available on the market, and enjoy the best sex whenever you want.

It is also important to make sure that you pay attention to the services offered and the time you want to enjoy the company of the chosen male escort, this way you can plan how many hours you want to spend with him.

Therefore, plan carefully so that at the time of the meeting you can enjoy the best moments with the hottest and most sensual male escorts from around the world, so you can be sure that you will get the desired satisfaction.

Male escorts are cultured and intelligent men.

Male escorts are men who have a great intellect, they know many different cultures and countries, they are pleasant conversation providers and will make you feel very comfortable and happy while you are with them in a restaurant, bar, or in your hotel room.

If you don’t want to waste time know that the male escort can visit your home, hotel, or resort to have sex directly, know that they offer sex services and fulfill any sexual fantasy and will visit wherever you are. No matter how much sexual fantasy you have and how long you want to have sex, your male escort will be there to fulfill all your most intimate sexual desires.

Male escorts are masters of the art of having sex and satisfying sexual desires.

You can start your night with a romantic dinner and go dancing with your male escort in a disco club right after, and when the time comes he will satisfy your most intimate and secret desires and show you that the bed was not just made to sleep.

Get access to male escort contacts Anywhere.

Get access to male escort contacts, who have worked in various sectors of the adult industry, such as straight male escorts, gay male escorts, and sex workers, who provide male escort services to people seeking men around the world. Male escorts are flexible and know how to adapt to the intimate and sentimental needs of the people who hire their services.

Male escorts are available for meetings, sex, erotic massage, making fantasies and fetishes, domination, Water sports, out-call services. Male escorts offer a personalized service for women, gay guys, and couples looking for sex and pleasure.

Gorgeous men offer male escort service in Paris, London, and cities around the world such as Manila, Jakarta, Saigon, Tokyo, Seoul, Melbourne, and male escorts in Bangkok, Panama City, Madrid, Barcelona, ​​and on every continent of the world.

Male escorts will make women, gay men, and couples enjoy anal sex, oral sex, deep cum, deep throat, sex with romance, threesome, cuckold, 69, french kiss, erotic massage, blowjob without a condom, cum shot, Blowjob with Condom, Sex in Different Positions such as vaginal sex or anal sex.

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You have to search to find the best male escort service. Our website is the best advertising platform for you to find the best male escorts that will give you 100% satisfaction.

Male escorts are the advertising platform that guarantees that you will find the best male escorts in the world that will provide you with the perfect meeting where you will be the center of attention.

Male escorts are available 24 hours 7 days a week to visit men, couples and women in the best hotels, you just have to go to our website and choose the man of your dreams to arrange the meeting confirm your booking and he will be at your hotel on the day and time set.

Have fun with elegant male escorts.

Male Escorts offers the best selection of companions who offer the best companionship service available in the world to make you feel happy. With male escorts, you will enjoy the best sex in the comfort of your home or hotel, where these wonderful men will provide you with an atmosphere of seduction and pleasure.

Male escorts are the perfect companions that will satisfy all your desires that you always wanted to fulfill but didn’t have the courage to fulfill them until now.

Male escorts will provide you with the greatest sexual satisfaction that will take you to the Elysian fields of pleasure. Relax by the pool, covering and having a drink with your favorite male escort, he will be at your side to pamper you and satisfy all your desires.


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